Chaos Stitch Saver Cords & Stopper

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The best way to hold stitches, try on sweaters, or just store away a project while you use the needles to cast on another one! 

This is a set of two ~60" silicone knitting cords to put your stitches on and one cord stopper. A tin is provided for storage.

Knitting Cords: Just fit them onto your needle and slide the stitches down - then you can knot the cord to secure them or use the included cord stopper. Try your garment on, or check the full size of your garment!  These cords work best with sharp needle tips up to 4mm needles. 

These can also be used to rescue interchangeable needle cords if you need them for another project. 

Note:  Store the cords in the tin when not using, as they can dry out over long period of time on a project if they are not stored properly. 

Due to different configurations for each computer monitor, colors can appear slightly different than they do in person.