Prism Aluminum Options Interchangeable Circular Set

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Add a splash of color to your knitting! These lightweight aluminum interchangeable needles feature the same sharp points, flexible cables, and smooth joins. Aluminum metal warms to your hands as you knit, and the slick metal surface allows stitches to slide off with ease. Each size is color coded and includes the needle size (in US and MM measurements) etched on each needle, making these the ultimate grab-and-go needles for any project.

This set is packaged in a handy vinyl case and comes with all the accessories you'll need:
  • 9 pairs of aluminum tips (ranging from US 4 to 11),
  • 4 black cables (two 24", one 32", and one 40"),
  • 8 cable end caps,
  • 1 cable connector, and
  • 2 cable keys.
Note: Due to different monitor setting, the appearance of each item may slightly vary.