Yarn Bowl - Wooden Light Colored (5.9x5.9x3)

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Wool Storage Bowl

Material: wood
Color as shown
Size: 15cm*8cm/5.90*3.14in

High-quality Material:  Made of high-quality wood material, professionally polished, no burrs and pointed parts, friendly to your skin, won't scratch the yarn and stab your fingers, durable, not easy to break or deform.
Prevent Tangling: Our knitting yarn bowl is designed with curling grooves, catch the yarn when you knit, let the yarn pass through the swirls stably, and at the same time prevent tangling, save time and effort, and increase the speed of knitting; There are two holes on the creel bowl For you to store your knitting needles so you can easily find them next time.
Thoughtful Design: The cut securely holds your working yarn, the spherical shape helps keep the ball of yarn inside, the shape is pleasing and organized, helping you organize the yarn in order during knitting.
Easy to weave: The surface of the bowl includes swirl hooks, which is high gloss and smooth. This prevents the yarn from getting tangled. Simply slide to toss the yarn while rolling, no rolling or rolling required. The hook needs to go through 2 holes for compact storage and making a large holder.

Note: Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each item may slightly vary.